The Origins of Peace

Peace has been with us through many different civilizations and cultures for a long time as various concepts- and it is only relatively recently that the idea of Peace as we conceive of it really starts to become the definition. There are many reasons for this- but mostly our current American concept of Peace is... Continue Reading →

Peace be with you

Peace. This word has been a major part of my life- growing up catholic, I said it multiple times  to my family and friends at mass every week. From my earliest memories the exchange of the symbols of peace and the speaking of the word take me back to simpler time of my life. A... Continue Reading →

Freedom on a Chain(set)

Travel and indeed the journey of our life is a major focus of our time- we spend a vast amount of our waking life either in transit or planning for transit from place to place. We go to work, the store, home, vacation. We- as humans are built to be explorers, travelers and  settlers- therefore... Continue Reading →

Feeding the Dragon

When I first met my counterpart “Ban-Ban”, I was thrilled to have an enthusiastic, hard working and smiling partner for my next two years of service- while we were standing in line waiting to get our food at a buffet during the Peace Corps Counterpart Conference Ban turned to me and asked, “Do you like... Continue Reading →

Laundry Day

Today is laundry day. I wanted it to be sleep in day, or go swimming day, or read a book now that you finally have a day off day. But I’m out of underwear. Going against my best efforts to save at least 10 pairs to celebrate making it to my midway point of service... Continue Reading →

Between the Ocean and the Mountain

This is a collection of thoughts and stories from the travels of Rok and Geneviève during their service as Peace Corps Volunteers in the Philippines. Rok works in Coastal Resource Management (CRM) and Geneviève works in the Children, Youth and Families (CYF) sector. Disclaimer: The content of this website is ours alone and does not necessarily... Continue Reading →

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